NCTC Lessons Program

Tennis Level Definitions


Experience - No experience required, but past participation in our Mini Tennis program is helpful

Knowledge - None required, emphasis of the class will be on fundamentals of technique

Equipment - If the student does not have a racquet of their own, we provide them for the duration of the lesson.  These racquets must be returned to the desk at the end of each class. 


Experience - Taken at least 1 session of beginner lessons 

Knowledge - A very basic understanding of the fundamental strokes (forehands, backhands, volleys, over heads, serves)

Skill - Hand eye coordination to bounce the ball on the racquet to self on the spot a few times.  Can make contact and hit the ball over the net often if dropped beside you or hit directly to you

Competing - Basic understanding of the scoring system, but no match experience required


Experience - Multiple sessions of beginner/intermediate lessons, some private lessons also beneficial

Knowledge – A more detailed understanding of stroke techniques (beyond basic knowledge of stroke names)

Skill - Able to control the ball while bouncing it on the racquet on the spot.  Able to maintain a 3-6 ball rally from the service line, and a 3-6 ball rally from baseline if using self-bumps in between shots.  Can place serves in the correct box with some degree of consistency  

Competing - General idea of the scoring system, where to stand, where to serve, when to change ends etc. but may need assistance 



Experience - Taken intermediate lessons for 1-2 sessions and played for a few years with steady improvement

Knowledge - Strong grasp of the technique for each shot, and knows when to use each stroke in a rally or point.  Understands terminology such as cross court, down the line, baseline, service line, approach shot, ground stroke etc.

Skill - Can maintain a controlled rally of 5+ balls back and forth from baseline.  Able to transition/approach to the net from a baseline rally and execute a volley on balls hit directly to you.  Can serve with consistency. 

Competing - Can play a regulation match with proper scoring, positioning, switching ends etc. with minimal assistance 


Experience - Several sessions of lessons with many years of playing experience

Knowledge - Very strong grasp on the technique for each shot, able to use a variety of patterns and strategies to try and win points

Skill - Can hit each stroke fairly consistently, and can place them cross court, down the line, short, deep etc. around the court 

Competing - Able to play a regulation match with correct scoring, rules etc, unassisted.

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