Our Constitution

Newmarket Community Tennis Club

We include our Constitution so that interested members or visitors can learn how we govern our Club and provide tennis programs to our community.

(as amended October 27, 2009)

The club shall be known as the Newmarket Community Tennis Club, hereafter referred to as the NCTC.

The NCTC shall operate as a member services, not for profit association.

The NCTC season shall run from the beginning of May to the end of September of the
same year, the exact dates to be determined annually by the Executive.

The NCTC shall:

a) Promote tennis and good sportsmanship for the enjoyment of all members
b) Promote constructive community spirit.
c) Maintain, and whenever possible, improve the club facilities.

The Executive shall be made up of elected adult members only and shall include the following positions:

a) President 
b) Vice-President 
c) Secretary 
d) Treasurer 
e) Membership Secretary 
f) Tournament Director 
g) House League Director 
h) Junior Development Director(s) 
i) Past President (1 year only) 
j) Up to 3 Directors-at-Large

The Executive may appoint members to serve in the following capacities:

a) Discipline Chairman
b) Social Convener
c) Sunday Night Convener
d) Team captains (other than House League captains)

Such other officers as the Executive may appoint from time to time.
Members appointed to these positions:

a) will hold the positions only until the next annual general meeting.
b) may be appointed to these positions in subsequent years.
c) may attend executive meetings but are not permitted to vote.


The Executive is responsible for the selection and appointment of the Club Pro and the Club Manager



(i) All members from the previous season shall be notified, in writing, of the events for the upcoming season.

(ii) All persons requiring membership shall submit written applications.

(iii) All membership applications shall be accompanied by the season's fees, as set by the Executive.

(iv) By applying for membership, each member agrees to abide by the NCTC rules and regulations as outlined in Section 7 of this Constitution.

(v) Membership may be rejected if in previous seasons the applicant has shown a disregard for NCTC rules and regulations.

(vi) Applications for membership received after July 15th shall be accompanied by 50% of the fees set for the season by the Executive.


(i) Fees shall be set each year at the discretion of the Executive.

(ii) A surcharge, set at the discretion of the Executive, shall be charged to all non-Newmarket residents.


Total number of club memberships shall be at the discretion of the Executive, based on courts and facilities available.



(i) Membership tags must be worn at all times or member must be able to demonstrate membership or be subject to daily fee.

(ii) Priority times for junior and adult members will be set out by the Executive and communicated to the membership at the start of each season.

(iii) Priority court times and number of courts to be allocated for adult and junior lessons, clinics, house league, inter-county and juniors will be set out by the Executive at the start of each season.

(iv) All other times are open to all members.

(v) Court times cannot be booked more than 1/2 hour in advance unless all courts are booked.

(vi) It is not permissible to book more than one court at a time.

(vii) Doubles shall be played when members are waiting.

(viii) Court time cannot be booked in advance by anyone already occupying a court.

(ix) Persons taking lessons, playing House League, or Inter-County are regarded as occupying a court and are not permitted to book a court immediately following their activity unless no one else is waiting.

(x) Rubber soled, non-marking shoes must be worn at all times.

(xi) All players must dress in a manner suitable for tennis.

(xii) Courts close at 11:00 p.m.


(i) Players are expected to conduct themselves in a proper manner, and to behave in accordance with the rules of good sportsmanship.

(ii) Players are required to abide by the instructions of the court supervisor.

(iii) Players must refrain from verbal or physical abuse of:

  1. other players;
  2. the court supervisor;
  3. the equipment; and
  4. the club facilities.

(iv) Profanity is not permitted.


(i) Players who fail to abide by these rules shall be issued a warning and may be requested to leave the courts, by either the court supervisor, the Club Manager, the Club professional or by any member of the Executive.

(ii) In team matches, it is the responsibility of the captain to ensure that these rules are followed. The team captain has the authority and responsibility to remove any player who fails to act accordingly.

(iii) If a player is removed for failing to abide by these rules, he/she is automatically suspended from all club play until the incident is reviewed.

(iv) Violations must be reported immediately to a member of the Executive. A review board consisting of at least two members of the Executive together with the person who reported the incident must be convened within seven days.

(v) Suspensions of more than two weeks must have a two-thirds majority of the Executive present at the next Executive meeting.

(vi) Notice of suspension shall be in writing, and will be presented by the President.

(vii) A person who is suspended, or who has had his/her application rejected, may appeal, in writing, to any member of the Executive within ten days of the notification of the suspension/rejection.

(viii) An appeal shall be reviewed at the next Executive meeting where a final decision shall be made. The said decision shall then be presented, in writing, to the person or persons involved by at least two members of the

(ix) Any suspensions will not result in a refund of fees.


(a) Past President shall:

          (i) act in an advisory capacity for a period of one year.

(b) President shall:

          (i) exercise general supervision over the affairs of the NCTC.

          (ii) preside at all executive and general meetings of the NCTC.

         (iii) set the agenda for all General Meetings

         (iv) vote only in the event of a tie.

          (v) act as the returning officer and appoint two scrutineers for the election of officers.

(c) Vice-President shall: 

           (i) assist the President in carrying out the duties and responsibilities of the Presidential office.

          (ii) perform all the Presidential duties in the absence of the President.

          (iii) be liaison between the Executive and those officers appointed by the Executive.

          (iv) attend all Executive meetings.

(d) Treasurer shall: 

          (i) maintain proper books of accounts and shall have care and custody of all funds of the NCTC.

           (ii) make such disbursements as are authorized by the Executive.

           (iii) submit a report of the NCTC financial standing at each Executive meeting.

          (iv) Coordinate the annual review of engagement by an outside accountant to be presented at the  Annual General Meeting.

           (v) Collect fees and attend all Executive meetings.

(e) Tournament Director shall:

           (i) organize and coordinate all NCTC sponsored club tournaments.

           (ii) select members, to form a tournament committee, to assist the Tournament Director as required.

           (iii) publicize all upcoming events, exclusive of executive and general meetings.

           (iv) cause to be collected all applicable tournament fees and submit these fees to the Treasurer.

           (v) verify and ensure that all entry requirements are met.

          (vi) be responsible for all refreshments at all NCTC sponsored tournaments.

          (vii) submit a list of all planned events to the Executive, prior to the commencement of the season.

         (viii) arrange for the purchase of trophies and/or prizes.

          (ix) attend all Executive meetings.

(f) Secretary shall:

           (i) record the minutes of all Executive meetings.

           (ii) notify the members of any impending General Meetings.

           (iii) handle the NCTC correspondence.

           (iv) attend all Executive meetings.

(g) Membership Secretary shall: 

          (i) prepare and coordinate the plan for obtaining memberships for each season.

          (ii) maintain an up-to-date record of names, addresses and phone numbers of all members and  applicants.

           (iii) prepare a list of paid up members.

           (iv) make available to the Executive, current alphabetical lists of all members.

           (v) attend all Executive meetings.

(h) House League Director shall: 

           (i) organize and run the NCTC House League.

           (ii) attend all Executive meetings.

(i) Junior Development Director(s) shall be responsible for all tennis and social activities of NCTC pertaining to junior members, in particular:

           (i) organize and run the NCTC Junior House League or alternative format events.

           (ii) organize and coordinate all NCTC sponsored junior club tournaments.

          (iii) organize and coordinate all NCTC sponsored junior OTA tournaments.

          (iv) coordinate NCTC junior interclub tennis teams.

          (v) organize end-of-season junior party and awards night.

           (vi) attend all Executive meetings.


(a) The election of officers shall take place each year at the Annual General Meeting.

(b) Nominations will remain open until all members present have had an opportunity to nominate candidates.

(c) The candidate receiving the highest number of votes shall be elected.

(d) In the event of a tie, a second vote shall be taken with only those candidates involved in the tie. If a tie still exists, the retiring President shall cast the deciding vote.

(e) Officers shall hold office for one year and are eligible for re-election.

(f) The new Executive shall take office at the beginning of the new fiscal year (Jan. 1).


(a) General Meetings

There must be at least one Annual General Meeting each year.

This meeting is to be held at the conclusion of the playing season each year. 

Other General Meetings may be called at the discretion of the Executive.

Notice of all General Meetings shall be made available to all members at least one week in advance.

A quorum shall consist of at least twelve (12) voting members other than the Executive. 

Only adult members shall have the right to vote. 

Adoption of amendments to the NCTC constitution requires the approval of 75% of all members voting.

All other motions require a simple majority. 

Proxy voting is not permitted.

Order of business shall be as follows:

(i) Call to order, introductory remarks

(ii) Reading and adoption of the minutes of the previous meeting

(iii) Business arising from the previous minutes

(iv) Treasurer's report

(v) Membership report

(vi) House League report

(vii) Tournament report

(viii) Intercounty Report

(ix) Junior Report

(x) Other business

(xi) Nominations and election of officers

(xii) Adjournment

(b) Executive Meetings

Will be held at the discretion of the Executive.

Are open to all members of the NCTC at the discretion of the Executive, although they will not be allowed to vote.

Anyone who wishes to make a presentation to the Executive must contact an Executive member prior to the executive meeting.

A quorum shall consist of four members.

Disciplinary action requires a two-thirds majority. All other decisions require only a simple majority.


(a) Shall be arranged and monitored by the Executive.

(b) Signing officers shall be the President, Vice-President or Secretary, and the Treasurer.

(c) The accountant(s) for the NCTC shall perform a Review of Engagement of the NCTC books and submit a signed statement as to whether the financial statements represent fairly the financial position of the NCTC.

(d) The accountant(s) will be given access to all books and records of the NCTC.

(e) The fiscal year shall be from January 1st to December 31st of each year.


(a) Every member of the NCTC shall be entitled to receive a copy of the Constitution upon request.

(b) A copy of the constitution shall be posted on the bulletin board in the clubhouse.

(c) Members may introduce guests to the NCTC. Upon payment of the prescribed guest fee, guests are allowed the same privileges as members for that day.

(d) All elected members of the Executive shall be honourary club members for the duration of their term in office.

(e) The Executive shall have the power to deal with all matters not covered by the Constitution.


Tournaments shall be organized and run by the NCTC Tournament Director.

The NCTC shall run a full slate of club championships each year subject to sufficient sign-up in each category.

Rules and Regulations
The adult tournament rules will be drawn up by the Tournament Director and after approval by the Executive will be posted in the Clubhouse prior to all club tournaments.


Newmarket Community Tennis Club Constitution October 27, 2009

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